2017 Nursing Application Cycle Acceptance Mini Data

Man, to be quite honest, I’m not even sure you can call this tiny table a data set. I managed to scrounge this up by digging up and down in the AllNurses forums. Now, it is worth saying that it may not be 100% accurate because it was pulled from a forum, and anyone can say whatever they’d like on a forum. But, even if we take it with a grain of salt, it gives us a pretty good idea of what kind of application a student needs to have in order to be accepted.

Now, we know BRCC takes 60 students a year. They typically reserve 10 of those slots of the LPN-RN bridge program, but it’s also very uncommon that they fill every slot. As far as I know, they generally only fill 1 or 2 spots for the bridge program a year.

For the regular applicant, the weight of the application is broken down into 50% HESI, 40% GPA and 10% classes taken at BRCC. Now, this means that students who take classes at BRCC will take preference over students who have not taken any classes at BRCC at all.


*Waitlisted students were reportedly #1 and #2 on the list with the 3.6 listed first and 3.4 second.

If your application numbers are similar to what you’re seeing, you will probably have a very good idea of what to expect for your outcome if you applied during the 2018 cycle. Again, if you have more classes taken at BRCC, that is in your favor.

Now, it is worth stating that because the application pool changes every year, what was accepted last year may not be enough to be accepted this year or the reverse may occur where what wasn’t accepted last year could be accepted this year.

I also have some scores going back to 2014, but because those data points are even smaller than the 2017, it’s probably

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