I am officially a nursing student!

So, Baton Rouge Community College typically sends out their acceptance letters in the second week of June. Our application cycle got lucky, and we actually received our letters in the third week of June! It was the worst wait of my life, and to top it off, the school is closed on Fridays during the summer so I had no way of knowing if my mail got lost if they didn’t send it until Monday.

Anyways, as of today, I’ve officially been accepted as a nursing student. And now I am really started my journey to becoming a registered nurse! And, I’ll be starting in the Fall! I was actually very worried that I would start in the Spring since they use a randomized lottery system, and any kind of delay would be bad for me.

This is the letter I received.

Attached as a separate sheet, there was also a Confirmation of Acceptance sheet. I filled it out and dropped it off at the office as soon as I got my letter. And now, I have until Monday to fill out and bring back the rest of the acceptance packet.

So now, first thing tomorrow, I have to stop by the police headquarter to get 2 sets of finger prints, get a money order for the background check, and fill out my LSBN background check application so that I can turn it in Monday. And then next week, I need to arrange a physical, get all my immunization shots updated, take a CPR class, and purchase school uniform and supplies.

I’m so happy, and I’m so glad that my hard work is really starting to bring things together for me.

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