FIGS Scrubs – Limited Edition Tokha Scrubs Pants Review

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Today I wanted to share my review of the Tokha scrub pants from FIGS. To preface, I am not affiliated with FIGS. I did not receive these as a gift nor did I purchase these at a special reduced cost. I am not being compensated for my review. This is my honest opinion of these pants.

My school requires two different sets of uniforms depending on the setting we’re in. We have mandatory red scrubs from Landau for all clinical and lab settings. And then, we also have a uniform for ‘community events’ which is composed of a red monogrammed polo and black slacks. When purchasing my uniform, I was told a lot of people wore the Greys Anatomy scrub bottoms in lieu of normal slacks for the community uniform. I decided to try the FIGS scrubs Tokha pants instead.

Some of you may already be very familiar with FIGS. They’re a popular brand of modern scrubs that were designed for comfort and style. They have a lot of fitted tops and bottoms, and part of their mission statement is to provide scrubs for medical professionals in need. I also found out that all of their clothes were named after the different cities they’ve previously distributed scrubs at.

I have never owned any FIGS and the the Tokha was my introduction into the brand. 

(The FIGS Tokha in graphite as shown on their website. You can see the design and detailing better in this color compared to the black or navy.)

The Tokha can be found on the FIGS website under the women’s special edition section. They retail for $54.00. The pants come in 3 different colors, with the color options of black, graphite and navy. The pants are designed to be mid-rise, slim fit, skinny legs with 4 pockets (2 front and 2 rear). And, they’re supposedly made of material that is antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, liquid resistant, moisture-wicking, and stretchable in 4 directions.

For a little bit of reference, I’m 5’6″ and currently weigh 150lbs. My waist and hip measures came out to 31 and 35 inches respectively. The Tokha has its own sizing different from all other FIGS scrub bottoms, and a small size for the Tokha was described as 30 and 40 inches at the waist and hips. For comparison, a medium is described as being 32 1/4 and 42 1/2 inches which would’ve been too baggy at the hips. After consulting with FIGS support, they recommended the small size for me. 

My first impression of the pants are mostly positive.

The material is very soft and comfortable. And despite being composed of synthetic fibers (72% Poly / 21% Rayon / 7% Spandex), it doesn’t feel hot or retain heat at all. Since they’re a slim fit, they still look professional despite being classified as scrub bottoms. Also, because the Tokha has an elastic back, the pants don’t feel tight at the waist despite having a button and zipper front. I was able to wear them for an extended amount of time without feeling like I was being cinched at the waist.

My issues with these pants were around the choice of measurements for sizing. The small ended up being just right at the waist due to the elastic backing but the hips and butt look too large and baggy on me. The pants are also slightly tight around my calves but not my thighs, and I’m not someone who has larger than average calves. While I love the fitted look and design of the Tokha, I believe the measurements failed to accommodate for people outside of a specific body type.

And, while I could move up to a medium just to accommodate my calves it would result in every other measure of the pants being entirely too large for me. I just find it surprising that there’s not real solution to the sizing and fit problems I’m having with these pants. 

Lastly, while FIGS states on their website that these are mid-rise pants, the Tokhas definitely fit closer to a high-rise for me. The waist of the pants sit right on top of my belly button. I’m not a huge fan of high rise pants because I find them uncomfortable, and they’re generally not very flatting on me.

Overall, a lot of my issues with the Tokha are regarding fit in the butt and calves. And while the easiest answer to fixing this issue would be just to return them, I’m not going to. Like I said, I really like the fabric and feel of these pants. I mean, can you imagine liking a pair of pants so much just from the fabric alone that you’re wiling to overlook grossly weird measurements for fit? That’s me right now.

I am in the process of losing weight, and I plan to update this review on the fit issue once I lose a few more pounds. I think that once my measurements change a few inches, they will fit closer to what I initially expected.

Fabric is amazing, fit is questionable. I will be keeping to see if the fit improves over time with some weight loss.

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