BRCC Nursing Bootcamp Fall 2018

Today was a fairly important day for me!

I had nursing bootcamp at the Frazier building today. It was originally supposed to run from 9AM to 4 PM, but it was adjusted to be from 9AM to 12PM instead.

On the registration paperwork, it was written that both the nursing bootcamp and orientation were mandatory.

But, today at the bootcamp, they made it pretty clear that only the orientation was mandatory.

For the session, we had 24 students including myself. We had students of all age ranges, and the oldest member is a 45 year old from what I remember. I want to say half the group is already a mom, and I believe that in my fall cohort there is only one guy. Aside from that, I want to say the only other notable thing was that there were also 6 or 7 LPN to RN bridge students. I think things are a little different for them since they’re also meeting again tomorrow at 9AM.

The bootcamp in and of itself was fairly simple and straightforward. Upon arriving into the room, I was required to sign in. I was also instructed to fill out and wear a name tag. I was given a folder with my name on it that held several different packets.

We began the bootcamp by first meeting the nursing program interim dean, along with some of the nursing ASN faculty members and our nursing fundamentals teacher. After introductions from faculty, the students were also required to introduce themselves.

The dean went over the basics of the nursing program including an explanation of what the Nursing and Allied Health division of the school was. She also went over what is legally defined as a nurse and nursing responsibilities in the state of Louisiana, and what is the governing body over nursing in Louisiana.

In one of the packets, there were printed copies of her slides including a list of different websites important to us as nursing students but also future nurses. She also went over a few of the clinical requirements such as having the student license number from the LSBN before taking part in a nursing course, the mandatory drug dosage and clinical skills exams before the start of the semester for higher level nursing level courses. She showed us a few different videos of nurses saying why they were passionate about nursing and then proceeded to tell us to write down what nursing meant for us and what kind of nurse we wanted to be.

From there, the bootcamp transitioned to cover some basic program success and studying skills. Some of it was about finding out what kind of learner you are (auditory vs visual vs kinetic) and parts of it was about what kind of study taker, and how to deal with test anxiety.

I want to say this section of the bootcamp took about an hour, and I honestly found myself falling asleep during parts of it. It wasn’t intentional, but I’m pretty set in the ways I study and learn. I really found this part to be very useless and unnecessary. It was information that was more suited towards a basic college success skills workshop or class.

The only thing I really enjoyed about the studying skills segment was when they briefly mentioned the ABCs (airway, breathing, and circulation) and the order in which a nurse should work (assess, plan, examine and intervene). While I was familiar with the ABCs, I wasn’t familiar with APEI, and I found it to be very useful when they went over some vey quick NCLEX style questions to reiterate their point.

One important thing that I learned from the bootcamp is that BRCC nursing courses have instructor made exams. Which means that there is probably no test bank that they are pulling from, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not yet. I’m sure I’ll find out quick enough after our first nursing exam this semester.

Lastly in our bootcamp, they had our lab manager go over some basic drug dosage calculations or “dimensional analysis”. Interestingly enough, the dean stated that people who were good at math probably would not need the dosage calculation textbook. So, I was pretty glad that I had not bought any of my books yet.

Since I’ve been studying drug dosage calculations on and off, and I personally didn’t find this portion of the bootcamp very useful. They took the time to solve several of the questions for us and explain the process for how the math works which is nice but I could barely hear them speak. And, I think I would have paid more attention if I could actually see what they were writing on the board. I’m not sure who made the executive decision to use a green marker on a white board when some of the seats were more than 20 feet away. But, they did provide a very important list of important units and conversion rates that I will be memorizing before school starts.

All in all, it was still a pretty nice day. I finally got to put faces on a few people, and it was nice picking up on a few new things to learn and have ready before school starts.

I did feel that it was very different from what some of my friends told me to expect out of bootcamp relative to their experiences and schools, but I think it may have had to do with the fact that this is the first nursing bootcamp our school has done. Or, that’s what some of the people from the semesters ahead of us have said.

After today, I’m definitely curious to see what new information they will be presenting for us at orientation next Friday!

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