Nursing School Recap: Week #2

Good afternoon, lovely people.

It is Friday, and we have a 3 day weekend just around the corner. So, let me go ahead and just recap you on what happened for this week!

It was a little busy and very stressful, but definitely worth it. I’m actually loving this nursing class and the lab portion to be honest.


Regular lecture day, we covered chapter 23 which was about Asepsis and Infection Control. We were also supposed to cover chapter 31, but we ran out of time and my professor uploaded the audio lecture for us to listen to it instead. After lecture, I stayed at school for a couple hours to practice taking vital signs with several classmates.


Off day, so no lecture or lab. But, I did have a meeting with my nursing advisor so I went to the school to sign some paperwork saying I met with my nursing advisor. And, I met with my lab partner so that we could practice skills for our vital sign check off on Thursday. We stayed for about an hour practicing, then left.


I was a bad student and skipped lecture; I had an A&P II exam on the endocrine system and I was pretty stressed out.

But, I should’ve gone to class because it was the one day my instructor decided to do a class group project of a case study. The assignment was worth 50 points, but luckily since class assignments are only weighted at 4% of my grade, I’m not to fussed. However I will stress that it’s a bad habit to get into if you start skipping class regularly.


The most notable day of my week. We had our first clinical skills check off. We were tested on our ability to take vital signs. I was one of the last people to go, but my nerves didn’t get the best of me. I passed the skill check off, and it was a really nice feeling.  

For this checkoff, we were expected to do the following:

– Take oral temperature using oral probe 
– List the different routes temperature could be taken (temporal, tympanic, oral, axillary, and rectally)
– Count pulse
– List the different pulse points of the body and point them out (temporal, carotid, brachial, radial, femoral, popliteal, dorsalis pedis, and posterior tibialis)
– Count respirations
– Demonstrate how to properly use a pulse oximeter 
– Take patient blood pressure using the two step method 

Overall, we took a little over two hours for everyone’s check offs to be finished. And once we finished check offs, we spent the rest of the clinical lab day watching dressing change videos. 


A super busy day in the lab. Since the day before was spent watching demonstration videos, today was spent learning the skills in person. The lab manager showed us where all the supplies were kept and did an in-person demonstration for us so we could ask any other questions

From there, the rest of class was spent with us learning to open supplies, maintaining a sterile work field, putting on sterile gloves, cleaning and changing wound dressings. We were in 4-5 separate groups and each group had a different mannequin to practice on. As we were practicing, we had a clinical instructor who would come and watch to provide us with feedback.

Our check off for this will be next Thursday, and I definitely feel less anxious than when I did with the first set of skills we were learning. 

We did also get our clinical group placements. So, now I know what days I’ll be going and where. I’m so excited for the real clinical portion to start so that I can begin practical application of the skills we’re learn.

I know this write up was pretty short, but these past couple weeks have been very straight to the point. We’re still in the beginning stages of learning our nursing skills so there’s not much I can say beyond what I’m writing now.

But, I do want to go over one last thing. I CANNOT stress how important it is to try and maintain good relationships with your classmates. You will be spending a lot of time with these people and you really want as many reliable and trustworthy friends as possible. Try not to be the person who is always trying to share a personal experience relating to the topic or asking the same question, we already have a few people in our class pegged as ‘that person.’ And, we’ve only been in class for two weeks. These people are already starting to have difficulty finding partners for assignments, skill check offs and even clinical groups (although these aren’t until October!).

Stuff like that can build up fast, and it’ll make your nursing school experience more stressful than necessary. And while a lot of people say nursing can be too catty because of the sheer number of women in it, your own relatability and likability has a great effect on how much that cattiness will affect you. Not every lecture needs an aside on how the topic being covered affected you so much, or how some nurse always did something wrong, or whatever. 

Anyways, I hope you guys have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. 

Study hard, stay resilient, and don’t let the content bring you down. 

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