Nursing School Recap: Week #6

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday.

And with today, week #6 of nursing school draws to a close.

This week is kind of a major one for me. It was my 26th birthday, and we had our second to last clinical skill check off before we start clinicals next week. On top of that, we learned the skills for our final skill check off for next week as well. 


We started part one of our lecture for health assessment. It was a very chill day and even the lecture was largely just a relaxed discussion.


Off day.


We had an in class quiz, one that could’ve been online if everyone had showed up to class Monday. Anyways, after the quiz, we finished part two of the health assessment chapter. We also did a quick review on the chapter since our exam is Monday, and we also discussed some random extra information bits for clinicals next week.


It was my birthday! So classmate of mine brought me a donut, and then we started our medication administration check off. These took so much longer than our previous check offs, and this was with us having a 25 minute soft limit. Meaning, we were recommended to finish before 25 minutes but no one would be failed for going over 25 minutes either. 

We were required to check the MAR, administer all oral medication and then do a mixed insulin SC, and 1 IM medication while roleplaying a patient interaction situation. It was also a requirement that we recite the 6 rights of medadmin.

I passed, but I finished closer to 30 minutes rather than the suggested 25 because my clinical check off instructor for the day was a chatty one. I still love her; she’s so sweet.

So far, this has been the only check off for the semester where we were allowed to leave after we finished.


We learned our final clinical skill, health assessment. Or, as some of you might know it by the dreaded head to toe assessment.

We first saw a demonstration by our lab manager, then broke off into small pairs to practice and learn the skill. I can already tell that this is something that I will need to practice a fair amount, because even in the lab practicing I was forgetting steps or what I was checking for.

We also received a copy of our clinical paperwork for next week since clinical orientation is Tuesday.

This week all in all turned out to be a great one.

I had my birthday lunch get together with some of the girls in my class; we’re all really friendly at this point. I passed my medadmin check off. And, I’m a week away from starting clinicals.

Couple thoughts from this week, even if attendance in your nursing class is not mandatory, go ahead and show up. Professors can take it very seriously, and they may punish the class so to speak. For an example, the quiz from this Wednesday could’ve been online for a full 25 points, but instead became an in class one because people kept skipping. 

Secondly, it’s okay to feel confident and not so confident in your clinical skills at the same time. For an example, I’m very confident in my ability to address and speak to patients or classmates in a simulation setting. However, when learning a new skill, I need to observe and watch it in repetition several times before I feel confident enough to start doing the motions. During health assessment practice today, I could feel that I was feeling slightly out of my depth because I forgot how to even start a neurological check. And, it’s important to realize that’s okay and not a failure, because I’m in a practicing setting where making those kinds of mistakes are okay.

I just need to remind myself that practicing is what will let me know what my weaknesses are for health assessment.

Despite how I felt in lab today while practicing, I still think this week was a good one because I have a better understanding of what I need to practice and really get down.

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