Nursing School Recap: Week #7

Rounding up this week with my 7th weekly nursing school recap writeup, I’m still shocked by how much has happened and how quickly school has been going by. 

This week was kind of a big one for me. We finished the last of our nursing school check offs, and we also started clinicals. So, I have a lot to share with you guys.


Lecture day we started Chapter 11: Assessing which breaks down the assessment portion of ADPIE and the nursing processing. 


We had our clinical orientation which ran from 0800 to 1230. This took place at the hospital, and I will have a separate clinical orientation write up because it was just so much.


We finished Chapter 11. It was a pretty slow relaxed day.


Started my day off early at 0800. I had my head to toe assessment skill check off. It took a total of a hour and half since I shared the time slot with two other girls in my clinical group. Afterwards, we had brunch together and headed towards our clinical site to start our preclinical paperwork.

We arrived at the clinical site at 1100. We were there for about two and a half hours while we wrote down patient medications, medical history and current admission details. Using the information we collected, we were supposed to have completed the clinical log, nursing care plan, data collection sheet, patient pathophysiology paper and all medications written out for tomorrow before clinical began. It was a lot and I think I went to bed at 0235 trying to finish all the necessary paperwork.


Clinical day! My day started at 0530, and clinical began at 0625. I got out of the clinical site at 1200.

We were part of the shift change so that we could get an end of shift report on our assigned patient. From there, we took vital signs and performed a head to toe assessment on the patient. Then, the rest of our day was spent assisting the PCAs with bed baths, bed making, and other random errands for other people on the floor. 

The first day of clinicals wasn’t action packed so to speak, but it was still a great day to learn some of the basics that I would need to know in a low pressure environment.

Afterwards, I ended up taking a 3 hour nap. 

For those of you that prefer full detail, my actual clinical write up is coming soon detailing the entire day.

This week was honestly exhausting. 

When I thought my level of exhaustion couldn’t get worse, it would. It finally peaked yesterday, and I didn’t feel normal again until I finally got 9 hours of sleep Saturday night. Which is why this write up took until Sunday to come up, and I still need to finish my write ups for the preclinical orientation and my first clinical day. 

Couple things to keep in mind for when you start clinicals. 

  1. Try to get adequate sleep. 
  2. Stay hydrate
  3. Eat, you need to eat at least something.

I want to say I didn’t eat for almost 12 hours that day because of how tired I was, and I think it honestly made me feel crummier throughout the day. 

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